The Demi Lovato bucketlist
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is there a different post limit for every blog you have? as in: i have 3 blogs, is there a different post limit for each one?

i believe so

I exceeded my daily post limit on my bieber blog :/

So, I can’t answer any questions. D;

I won’t be on for awhile, school and stuff.
I know it’s early, but sign JUSTIN BIEBER’S BIRTHDAY CARD!


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I’m not sure how many of you following me are bieber fans or not, but wish justin bieber a happy birthday! :)

It’s on March 1st and he will be turning 18, to wish him click here. :)


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Thank you! :)


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Thank you! :)

Hey. Would you like to help me with a Demi project, I'm meeting her next month and i want to give her a scrapbook of letters. Can you write her a letter, and maybe help spread the word? :) my email is amandarose13x@yahoo(.)com remove the ()'s

^^^^everyone read this :)

Sorry it was a damn poser that has the same name as her. I don't get it. You can search so you know what I'm talking about. Sorry :'( Even I got excited.

Awww, it’s okay :) thanks for tweeting the picture though, I appreciate it <3